Clabots reframes the questions we ask to redefine design as a tool for business


Throughout his professional career, Clabots has worked as a designer, a creative director, a university professor, and as a serial entrepreneur, having started and run a series of design-related businesses. At the core of his thought process are three questions: Why? How? and What?

Why: Clabots believes that the impetus behind creating anything should be rooted in a clear understanding of why it is new, needed, and relevant. By observing and questioning changes in markets, manufacturing processes, society, and the environment, we can identify new design opportunities.

How: Clabots believes we can open the doors for innovation simply reframing the questions we ask about the world. By questioning how paradigms shift, we are able to identify white-spaces for new products, businesses, and services that can better our businesses and our lives.

What: Once we have answered the first two questions, we can clearly understand what the new offering needs to be.

With his years of execution and industry know-how, Clabots is able to deftly bring these offerings to life. His work is not driven by his own taste or intuition; rather, it is driven by a systematic understanding of how to identify opportunity and capitalize on it.

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