Aqueous Wall Planter

Client: OTHR  2016

This droplet-shaped planter is crafted in 3D Printed Porcelain, with the option of a 3D Printed Polished Gold Steel or 3D Printed Polished Bronze hook. Available with drainage hole or without for outdoor or indoor use. Clabots was intrigued by the idea of combining two materials into a singular form using the 3D printing process. The planter’s duality makes use of each material’s inherent properties; polished metal for an ultra precise bracket and porcelain for a smooth, voluminous container. Numbered Edition.

Ipseity Wall Hook

Client: OTHR  2016

This strikingly detailed rectangular wall hook is crafted in 3D Printed Polished Bronze Steel. The design idea came out of trying to use concave objects in order to highlight and display the beauty of 3D printing. Similar to the grain in wood, OTHR’s manufacturing process creates grains that are accentuated throughout the face of the hook. This creates beautiful wall hooks that are functional and look great whether in use or not. The wall hooks are printed with 1mm wall thickness, using the least amount of material possible. Numbered Edition.

Basket Weave Rug

Client: Hem  2014

As its name suggests, the Basketweave rug is an intricately woven mixture of wool and cotton. Available in five different colors, it creates a rustic feel when paired with bare floorboards.

Bias Shelving

Client: Hem  2014

Inspired by industrial crates, the Bias shelves comprise a set of four that can be arranged in endless configurations of regular and irregular patterns.  Clabots has included a four-way keyhole hanger that enables each shelf to hang in any orientation you like. 

Bliss Wool Rug

Client: Hem  2014

A rich, soft mixture of wool and cotton, the Bliss rug features a slate background offset by contrast cording. Its oversized loops generate a feeling of depth and texture.

Sonneman Spring '15 Catalog

Client: Sonneman  2015

Clabots worked with the president of the company, Robert Sonneman, to update the vernacular of the catalog’s layout for their Spring ’15 Additions. Building on motifs rooted in the brands visual identity, Clabots employed a minimal grid that presented various styles of lamps with a single graphic language that unifies them as a brand.  Clabots also personally retouched many of the images.

Habitat Collective Branding

Client: Habitat Collective 2015

Clabots developed the branding for Habitat collective, a new eCommerce home goods platform. The process included strategic planning, working with the client to identify their customer base, research their  cohort companies and devolop an identity and brand guide for future implimentation.

Clip Sofa

Client: Fab 2014

Clip is a configurable sofa system. It consists of 5 modular parts that you can use build your own sofa in hundreds of variations. 

The system features a patent pending removable back support system.  The bent plywood back support easily clips in and out of position and can be used for various other functions such as a tray for resting your drink.  The same mechanism used for locking the back support in place also serves to connect base units to lock you configurations in place. 

Cup Sofa

Client: Fab 2014

Cup packs more personality into each square inch than any other Sofa in the Fab signature collection, but can also transform and adapt to different settings. Its sculptural profile is combined with clean and graphic lines, creating a key silhouette that can go from playful (if you choose a bright color and dowel leg) to sleek and refined (with a neutral color and tapered leg). It’s all you need to give your room a signature look.

Flip Sofa

Client: Fab  2014

It may look simple, but there is a lot of geometry and problem solving packed into the Flip.  This sofa family was born from the business pain point of SKU managment.  You want to offer a basic sofa in a range of sizes to hit all of your customers need.  Market research showed that customers wanted one of 3 sizes + a chair.  However your customer also needs to fit their style.  We had a customer that wanted a minimal sofa and a customer who loved the mid century style.  To produce 4 sizes in 2 styles adds up to 8 SKUs.  We thought “what if you could could do it all with half the SKU’s?”  Thats just what we did.  The Flip has back cushions that are tufted on only one side, allowing it to look minimal or mid-century.  We developed 2 different sets of legs: minimal chrome, and tapered walnut which highlights the subtle tapper to the arms and compliments the tufted back cushions to create the Mid-century look.  The legs are packaged separately allowing for a maximization of looks with less stock in the warehouse. 


Gather Table

Client: Fab  2014

Rooted in the easy minimalism of classic Scandinavian design, the Gather Table designed with the lightest of decorative elements. It is consists of four identical L-shaped legsthat link together to create the base and support for the tabletop. Its assembly is an exercise in simplicity:  Pair it with several of the Gather Chairs, which fit perfectly against its curved edge, creating a seamless and streamlined silhouette. 

Gather Chair

Client: Fab 2014

The Gather Chair is part of the Nordic Collection, rooted in the easy minimalism of classic Scandinavian design. Each piece is evocative, but designed with the lightest of decorative elements. The Gather Chair’s inviting profile was designed to complement the Gather Table—its wide back and generous curves mimic the table’s circular shape. When pulled up against the table’s edge, it makes for a seamless fit and streamlined silhouette. The chair is assembled from five pieces and packs flat in a box measuring 24″x 30″ x 4″. 

Duple Lamp

Client: Fab 2014

The Duple is a compact, sculptural wooden lamp that is equally charming sitting on a desk or mounted on the wall. Like the rest of Fab's Nordic collection, it is designed for easy assembly.

Signal Lamp

Client: Fab 2014


The Signal lamp was designed to be and adjustable height pendant or sculptural table lamp. The cord enters through the top of the handle and exits on the side next to a metal bracket which the cord can be wound around to shorten its length.

Fetch Lamp

Client: Fab  2014

The Fetch Lamp is the perfect combination of design and utility. An elegant accent, it also serves as a neat storage space for small knickknacks. The unique inverted shape of the lamp’s base turns commonly held design conventions on their heads, while adding a touch of elegance. Overall dims W 14″ x H 22.25″. 

Link Chair

Client: Fab 2014

This beanbag chair is breaking out of the basement to make its living room debut. Approaching it as a true chair—not just a cushy crash pad, Clabots developed an upright, ergonomic silhouette that retains the sink-into-it quality that makes beanbags, well, the best. An extended fabric edge frames the back and seat, crisply delineating the chair’s sophisticated shape while concealing the zippers that are integral to its design. True to its name, Link can connect to two others for a full sofa—be it mixed-and-matched or monochrome.

Venture Desk

Client: Fab  2014 

 Rooted in the easy minimalism of classic Scandinavian design, the Venture Desk designed with the lightest of decorative elements. The construction enables assembly with a minimum of hardware. The individual trestles are secured to the top with an oversized plug that adds a graphic element to the tabletop and also creates the optical illusion of the diagonal third leg piercing through the surface. 

Fab SOHO Showroom

Client: Fab  2014

Clabots collaborated with PJ Matan and Kiel mead to design the Fab Pop-up Store in SOHO for the debut of their #happymodern collection in May of 2014.

Slip Watch

Client: Nonlinear 2011

The Slip Watch is the first product released by nonlinear studio. The design takes the simple archetypal watch shape and puts it into motion with a slight twist. The skewed posture of the watch gives the modern clean lines a new “spin”.

The watch is intentionally minimal, with proportions that are almost predictable. However, its skewed posture that makes the watch appear to be slipping off the band, like a moment caught in time; a poetic commentary the passing of time. At the same time, a more ergonomic result is achieved with the face addressing the wearer with less turning of the arm. Furthermore, the band penetrates the casing at 12 and 9 hours marking, giving reference to an otherwise unmarked face. This slightest tweak has given a timeless form an intriguing character while giving you a watch that is easier to read.

The Slip Watch sold at the MoMA store and retailers world wide. 

B3 Coockware

Client: All-Clad 2012

American cookware brand All-Clad, sought to reach out to a new and younger generation of aspiring cooks with new B3 Anodized Aluminum line of cookware. For this launch, they enlisted emerging American design firm, Nonlinear Studio, to update their cookware to meet the visual and ergonomic needs of their more design savvy new audience, while maintaining an important balance with their iconic brand language. 


Client: Amplifiear 2012

The Amplifiear was crowd funded on Kickstarter receiving 456% of the funding goal.  The Product and packaging were both made in America.

The Amplifiear simply clips onto the corner of the new iPad or iPad 2 and reflects and projects the sound coming from the speaker forwards towards the user. Using the Amplifiear, the higher frequencies especially, receive a considerable boost. This will allow us to hear the crispness of a snare drum on our favorite track. This type of sound is often mottled or even completely lost as the sound from the speaker points away from you. With the Amplifiear’s clean lines and simple geometry, it looks like it belongs on an Apple product. With its asymmetrical position, it is reminiscent of a cartoon speech bubble and gives our device a bit of a personality. The Amplifiear fits iPad 2 , the New iPad (3rd gen)and with the Apple Smart Case. 

Barrow Chair

Exhibition: Core77 Open 2012

Sparked by the common misuse of a wheel barrow as a lounge seat during break time on a work site, Nonlinear has selectively reduced the original form to highlight its most dynamic lines. The wooden slats create a tension between the feminine silhouette of the chairs seat and the hard geometry of the outer metal shell. A new structure and chair form have been found in a timeless and familiar object. Though still referencing it’s origins, the components are transformed into a clean chair with it’s own unique character. The wrap around shell makes the Barrow Chair a cozy lounge for both indoors and out. 

Spot and Swat

Exhibition: THREAT | AMDC  2012

Clabots was invited to participate in the American Design Club’s latest Gallery Show, THREAT: Objects of Defense and Protection. The show calls for designs based on the idea of protection from an intruder. The objective is to invent an object or tool that will help you deal with an intruder. The question becomes, “you hear something go bump in the night, what do you grab?” Clabots’ answer was emphatically “a bat!” How can you argue with the tried and true; a stick / club is probably the oldest defense object in existence. It is hard to improve on near perfection. But we might have come close….. The SPOT and SWAT is a 31″ ash baseball bat, outfitted with a heavy duty flash light to help you search out your intruder. The switch must be continuously depressed to stay on, so the light can never be left on accidentally and drain the battery. This means your SPOT and SWAT is always ready for action…. the switch is also silent so as not to tip off your intruder. Once you spot your target: let go of the switch, turn off the light, further disorienting your attacher, and swing away. We hope you enjoy this light hearted product as much as Clabots enjoyed making it. 

Heart Parts

Client: iHeart 2011

Heart Parts are the brain child of entrepreneur Fatima Fazal.  She had a great concept and the drive to change the world.  She came to Clabots with a prototype laser cut from plexiglas. Clabots worked with her to to translate the concept into a form that could be injection molded for mass production.  He work directly with her factories in India to adapt the final form you their tool restraints. The result was these unique new utensils, made of biodegradable plastic.  The Heart Parts have been sold in the MoMa store and Collette and have been featured by Martha Stewart. 

La Grivoise Branding

Client: La Grivoise  2013

La Grivoise, a fashion company specializing in resort wear, contracted Clabots to help them find their Brand.  Clabots worked with them to understand and segment their position in the market and explore how their identity could look in order to connect with their customers.  Clabots designed their logo and provided direction for their brand imagery. 

Andaz Maui - Artwork

Client: Rockwell Group 2011

Rockwell Group commissioned a series of original “Vintage” Surf Posters for the rooms of their a new design of the Andez Maui at Wailea . The poster represent various styles traditionally used for Surf Poster to create an eclectic feel for the modern rooms.

Amplifiear Branding

Client: Amplifiear 2012

Clabots was involved in all aspects of building the Amplifiear brand. He developed all collateral materials including business cards, stationary, order forms, brochures, and packaging. The card stock of the packaging the was responsibly farmed from renewable forests, so this materiel sensibility was carried through out the design of all collateral materials and was contrasted with the playful “POP” colors of the product. Clabots was also responsible for the art direction and retouching of all brand imagery and the design and execution of the Amplifiear web store. 

Amplifiear Packaging

Client: Amplifiear 2012

Clabots designed the packaging Amplifiear.  It is die cute from a single sheet of card stock, and a auxiliary sheet of PETE. The packaging was designed to be 100% recyclable, like the product. The card stock of the packaging the was responsibly farmed from renewable forests. The packaging was approved by both the Apple Store and Best Buy as meeting their stick packaging standards. 

Amplifiear Website

Client: Amplifiear 2012

In 2010, Clabots designed and built the Amplifiear eCommerce platform.  Clabots Art Directed all photography and coded a custom theme for the site in CSS.

Rise and Fall

Client Nisian Hughes for Getty Images 2011

Clabots collaborated with Photographer Nisian Hughes on his “Rise and Fall” shoot for Getty Images. The series are conceptual business images using ladders to convey ideas of Discovery, Risk, Success, and the Way Forward. Clabots Designed and fabricated 6 custom sets with vintage painting ladders and developed a unique rigging system to suspend the models without disturbing their wardrobe. Images courtesy of Nisian Hughes, Getty Images. Clabots art directed this shoot along with Nonlinear Studio member Ron Beach. 

Water Dancers

Client: Josh Lehrer for Espais 2011

Espais commissioned this series of photos for the interior of their new boutiques sports and fitness centers.  For them, Nonlinear Studio and Photographer Josh Lehrer teamed up to create “Water Dance,” a ballet of flesh, water, and light that captures the imagination and the beauty of the human form. Clabots built a waterfall machine that allowed a steady stream of water to cascade over the models. For lighting, a system of Broncolor strobes and Arri-max 10k constant lights were used to give the images a metallic effect. Clabots art directed this shoot along with Nonlinear Studio member Ron Beach.

Poppin 'Work Happy' Web Ads

Client: Poppin 2011

Clabots art directed spots on work-week appreciation for Poppin with production company Rooster. It was important to translate the clean, modern and colorful brand of Poppin into an work environment that people just wouldn’t want to leave. It also allowed for a fun contrast with the more traditional home seen, where a few ‘office staples’ make their way to dinner time. Work done at Nonlinear Studio in conjunction with Rooster NYC.

Nonlinear Branding

Client: Nonlinear 2010

In 2010, Clabots opened the boutique creative studio, Nonlinear.  Clabots designed the logo and branding for the studio. 

Nonlinear Website

Client: Nonlinear 2010

In 2010, Clabots designed and built the studio website including eCommerce platform.  Clabots Art Directed all photography and coded a custom theme for the site in CSS. 

Slip Watch Packaging

Client: Nonlinear 2010

Slightly Awkward Lamp

Exhibition: CITE Goes America 2010

The defining beauty in people is often the characteristic that doesn’t fit the standard mold. The Slightly Awkward Desk Lamp is simple and minimal but has a posture that is peculiar, the awkward stance of the lamp with its truncated forth leg gives it life and personality, while allowing it to balance as both an ambient table lamp and a directional task lamp. 

Clamp Coffee Table

Exhibition: LIFT HOLD ROLL | AMDC  2010

This RTA coffee table employs four wood clamps as the table’s principal fasteners; measuring 40″ x 22″ x 17″, the table packs flat at 40″ x 22″ x 3″. The product is constructed out of pickled oak and steel clamps with a 1/2″ tempered glass top. 

Clamp Desk Lamp

Exhibition: LIFT HOLD ROLL | AMDC 200 & CITE Goes America 2010

The Clamp Desk lamp is an adjustable task light that fixes to a table with an industrial wood clamp.  the form of the clamp is extended through a 4" bend to support the shade.

Peacock Chair

Client: Cappellini (Work done at Dror.) 2009

Now a permanent piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an iconic of Cappellini’s chair, the Peacock Chair resembles the physical aspects of a peacock and extracts metaphorical substance from its feathers: structured and inviting. Three sheets of felt, a non-woven fabric, are given structure and strength from their peacock like folds creating a comfortable lounge chair, with no sewing or upholstery involved. 

Awards: Selected for Metropolitan Museum of Art Permanent Collection 2010


Dror For Tumi

Client: Tumi (Work done at Dror.) 2012

The Dror for Tumi Collection features luggage that transforms to meet the modern business traveler’s ever changing needs. The 11-piece collection, includes the first ever expandable hard-case carry-on for Tumi. Groundbreaking technology and unique features transform and respond to the multifaceted lifestyle of today’s traveler in a revolutionary two-wheeled case. The key is the custom “living hinge”: this one-of-a-kind, two-stage expansion makes it possible to adjust the bag’s depth and nearly double its overall capacity. Clabots roles: design development, and engineering. 

Awards: Red Dot Award for Product Design  2013  ( International Expandable Carry-On )

             Travel & Leisure’s 2013 Design Awards ( Tote / Backpack )


Stack Book Shelf

Client: Target (Work done at Dror.) 2008

The Stack Bookcase developed for Target is a set of nesting trapezoidal boxes. Each set comes with a set of 4 boxes that stack vertically to form a single bookcase.  They can be linked to gather in series to form larger units.  The design came from observing how customers shop for bookcases at target retail stores.  The pain point found was how the customer got the bookshelf from the shelf to the register. Traditional RTA Bookshelves have very tall members that result in a large box size.  This may work at a retailer like Ikea where the whole store is set up for items of this size, for Target the focus was providing a full height bookcase that easily fit in a shopping cart, assembled in seconds with no tools and allowed for the assembly into large units and systems.  Work done at Dror

Spin Wall Clock

Client: Target (Work done at Dror.) 2008

The Spin clock was developed to rotate closed for compact shipping. Spining the front cross pulls the others around and fans the clock out into perfect alignment. Work done at Dror

Tilt Lamp

Client: Target (Work done at Dror.) 2008

The Tilt Lamp transforms from a straight stick lamp to an angled task lamp.  The unique mechanism was developed utilizing the geometry of a tackle box. By developing a new mechanism based on simple mechanics, it was possible to bring this adjustable lamp to market at a retail cost of $19.99. 

+/- Bathroom Cabinet

Client: Boffi (Work done at Dror) 2007

+/- is a bathroom storage cabinet with a unique opening system. Rotating from horizontal in its closed position to vertical, in its open position the cabinet allows complete access to the objects inside. When open, the mirror accommodates accommodates a wide range of user heights. When closed, it subtracts the mess within and maintains a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.  

Awards: Good Design Award 2008.

Client: BBB emmebonacina (Work done at Dror) 2007

The Lean folding sofa simplifies the process of converting a sofa to a bed through a carefully crafted series of pivot points that allow gravity to do most of the work.  

Try it Trivet

Client: Alessi (Work done at Dror) 2009

Alessi has produced many trivet designs. The Try it Trivet is a reinterpretation of the humble exemplar, creating a conceptually novel and pleasurable item. The trivet is comprised of three arcs, each of which can be considered a trivet in and of itself. When assembled together, they create a stable support for multiple uses.

Good Design Award 2010.


Client: Ikea 2004

As the winner of a design competition for Ikea at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, this concept lamp was selected for production. It combines a hang planter and a light. The branches and leaves of the plant hanging over the shade. The shadows created by the leaves give the light an organic sense, something artificial light lacks. Because of its dual use, the lamp is invisible when it is not in use.

Awards: Ikea Design Competition Winner 2004

Exhibition: AmDC show “Outside of Sorts” 2008

Always Upright Stapler

Concept: RISD 2001

Clabots designed this concept stapler for Swingline. Conventional upright staplers tend to be top heavy and topple easily. The Always Upright Stapler solves this dilemma. When struck by the clutter on your desk it simply wobbles and rolls around on its base with a playful movement.

Awards; Swingline Gersh Abraham Award for Design Excellence